Gavin M. Gee
                                                         Acting Director


For Immediate Release                                    January 25, 1996
     Boise, Idaho .... Gavin M. Gee, Acting Director of the Idaho 
Department of Finance today announced the thirty day suspension of the 
collection agent license held by Revar K. Harris of Pocatello.  This 
administrative action follows a number of consumer complaints  against 
Harris.  The Department of Finance in May filed a complaint against both 
the license held by Harris and the business permit of his collection 
agency, Checks Plus Collections.  The Complaint was amended in October to 
include additional counts totaling 12 violations of the Idaho Collection 
Agency Act.

     The Amended Complaint alleged several violations of the federal Fair 
Debt Collection Practices Act, including threats of arrest, criminal 
prosecution, and using a false name while locating debtors.  The Amended 
Complaint alleged that one of the individuals who had complained to the 
Department was so distraught by Harris' threats of imminent arrest that 
the single mother attempted to turn herself in to the Pocatello Police 
Department; there she found that there were no charges against her.  The 
Amended Complaint also alleged that Harris had misrepresented to the 
Department that his business was incorporated, a violation of the Idaho 
Collection Agency Act.

     Revar K. Harris has admitted violations of the Fair Debt Collection 
Practices Act, and making misrepresentations to the Department about 
incorporation.  Such violations of federal law also constitute grounds 
for disciplinary action under the collection agency  laws in Idaho.  The 
Order suspends Harris' license as an individual for thirty days; if Harris 
has not sold his collection agency  business by January 1997, the permit 
to operate the business may be revoked by the Department with no further 
notice.  Harris was also placed on administrative probation whereby any 
further violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act will result 
in revocation of both his individual license and the agency permit after 
an abbreviated process.

                           *  *  *  *  * 

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