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Check Out A Social Security Number

Example:  464-56-1234

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What Can A Social Security Number Tell You?

The first three digits of the SSN are the area number. For Numbers assigned prior to 1973, it indicates the specific Social Security office from which the card was issued. Since 1973, certain blocks of numbers have been allocated to each State. The area number indicates the State the number holder showed as his/her mailing address on the application for a number. The State is derived from the ZIP code in the mailing address.

The middle two digits are the group number and have no geographical significance. They just break the SSN into Conveniently sized blocks for use in internal operations and order of issuance.

The SSN is used to administer the payment of benefits.  The last four digits are the serial number representing a straight numerical series of numbers from 0001-9999 within each group.  A SSN is not reassigned when people die.  Benefits may be payable to dependents and survivors or the SSN holder long after the SSN holder dies.

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