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       The truth is out there. This page is just a small collection of some of the most useful internet telephone search resources.

Phone Directories: You can access phone records nationwide using these databases.
Switchboard: You must enter "Last Name". Other fields are optional.
Last Name: First:
  City:         State:            
WhoWhere : You must enter "Last Name". Other fields are optional.
Last Name: First:
City:            State:    

Reverse Phone Directories - Search by Number: Use these If you have a phone number and you want to know who it belongs to.
Database America
phone# :
phone# :

Reverse Phone Directories - Search by Address: Use these If you have an address and you want to know who it belongs to.
Four11 (
Street: City: State:

Telephone Skiptracing Tools and Search Engines
Need an area code or prefix? Want to find out where one goes?

 555-1212: Fast Area Code Lookup

Amiricom Area Code Decoder

WhoWhere Area Code Lookup  


Look up over 60,000 area codes and prefixes in the USA and Canada. Returns a city, state, and flag. Or, enter a city, and receive all the prefixes for that city.
Area Code blanks are wildcards    
Prefix 3 digits


Other Reverse Number Lookup Services

*Excite Number Lookup*    *Reverse Look-Up 555-1212*  *Info USA Telephone Finder* **    *Internet 800 # Lookup Directory*  *The Contacts Directory*

Email Locating By Phone Number
411 Locate Locate a Web site or e-mail address by a phone number, name, company name, or reverse e-mail lookup.

by Phone Number

More People/Business Searches

International #'s - Locos-WhoWhere
World Pages People Finder

Yahoo! People Search
Big Foot Peaple Search
Search Canada Yellow Pages
Companies Online (Excite)
Big Yellow Business Directory
Switchboard Data Base
555-1212 White Pages
Country Codes 555-1212
InfoSeek Toll-Free Directory

Business InfoSpace Reverse
Business Reverse Look-Up
World Page Directory
Big Book Business Directory

Fax Numbers - Lycos
Find people in Canada Search Canada411
Locate People-
Find a Person by Profession
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses
Locate Missing Family, Friends & Loved Ones
All-in-One Search Page
World Wide Profile Registry
AOL White Pages
Lycos White Pages
Yahoo! People Search
Southwestern Bell-Pacific Bell-Nevada Bell
SearchAmerica, Inc. Database
INTERNET Places For Searching For People
Yellow Pages Business

Referral Service

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