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Official State of Texas Web Site =

Find a City And Locate What County It Is In - Most Web Sites Have City Phone Directories -City Departments Mayor, Councel Members, And Boards Information - City Links Stay abreast of relevant state and federal legislative activities, and access key state and federal agencies as well as other city officials in Texas.

Our City Information Web Sites

Other City Web Sites
Texas Municipal League

Texas Central Appraisal District's Appraisal Roll Data - Residential Property Ownership Data
Commercial Property Ownership Data - Business And Personal Property Ownership Data  

Our County Property and Assets Search Web Site

A List Of All Texas Counties And Link To Many County Offices - Civil Courts - Criminal Courts - Family Courts - Magistrate Courts - Probate Courts - Justice of the Peace - Constables - Commissioners Court - Elections Department - County Clerk - District Attorney's Office - District Clerk - Justices of the Peace - Medical Examiner - Sheriff  - Tax Assessor/Collector Offices.

Our County Information Web Site

Corporation Records Listed Officers-Address-Taxpayer Search - Municipalities And Police Departments - Criminal Records Repository  - And Other Interesting Web Sites For Texas

Our Texas State - Others Searches Web Site

Birth And Death Records - Marriage And Divorce Records - Adoption Records
Our Texas State Vital Records Web Sites

Other Texas Web Sites Of Interest

Texas State Electronic Library

Texas Education Agency


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