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Internet Search Engines (Page 7)

Ancestry.Com World Wide Web's largest collection of completely searchable genealogy data.
, Lastname, Firstname

Acses Music Search Compare prices from multiple Internet music stores! (Choose search type)

Acses Movie Search Compare prices from multiple Internet movie stores! (Choose search type)

AirNav Airport and Navaid information databases (Enter airport identifier, name or frequency)
Airport Information
Navaid Information
AltaVista Language Translator Translates text or an entire web page (Enter text or URL, and pick translation)

American Airlines Flight Info (Search criteria must be entered in a specific format)

American Airlines Flight Schedules (Search must be entered in a DDD/AAA/DDMMYY format)

Anagram Generator Converts the provided name or phrase into other words using the same letters Search for new or used cars in your area (Choose the make of vehicle, enter zipcode)
  Zip Code:    Used Car Search
  Zip Code:    New Car Search
Baby Name Finder Find out what a name means (Enter first name)

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Converts entered text to speech (Choose voice and audio format)

Voice: Audio Format:
BigBook Map Server Displays a street map for any provided US address
, City, State
Billboard Music Search Find articles and other music-related sites

BizRate Independent ratings for online merchants (Enter merchant name, URL or keyword)

Bobby Analyzes web page accessibility to people with disabilities (Enter full URL)

The Brewery Beer recipe databases -- search for name or ingredients.
Cat's Meow
Gambrinus' Mug
BrowserSpy Learn all about your browser and what can be found out from it (Requires JavaScript)

Buyer's Index Search engine of over 11,000 online shopping sites and catalogs

CareerMosaic USENET Job List Keyword search of Usenet job postings -- about 23,000/day

Carpoint Microsoft's comprehensive collection of car pricing and vehicle information (Enter make or model)

CartoonMaker by Kodak Upload a picture and turn it into a cartoon (Choose one upload method)
URL of the picture
Upload from Computer
CBS MarketWatch Stock quotes and information by Ticker symbol

CD Database Search Search almost 70,000 music titles

CDNow Large database of musical artists, albums, and songs (Choose search type)

CelebSite Search over 600 celebrity profiles -- news, bios, pictures, links, ...

Certified Doctor Search Search American Board of Medical Specialties doctors
, Lastname, Firstname Tips Windows, Internet, and programming tips and mini-tutorials

Chinese Horoscope Enter your birthdate
CIA World Factbook (The 1998 version is available, but yet searchable)

CodeColorizer Colorize you source code for publishing the web (Enter URL and choose language type)

College Directory by US News College information and rankings (Enter name of school)

Companies Online Search for info on over 100,000 public & private companies (Enter company name)

Currency Converter (Choose current currency and desired currency)
Currency Value

Cybercafe Search Engine Search for a Cybercafe near you -- over 2,500 listed.

David Letterman's Top Ten Lists Search archive of Top Ten Lists

DBC Quote Server Enter ticker symbol, or multiple symbols separated by spaces Health Search Search variety of health and drug information

Embassy Search Directory of the world's embassies & consulates
Whose Embassy?
Host Country
Epicurious Food and drink recipes, including over 8,000 from Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazines
User Forum/Recipes
Food and Drink Dictionary
ESPAN CareerPro Database Search ESPAN job postings (Enter keywords and/or company)
eToys Search for information on toys, software, and video games.

Expedia Search Microsoft's travel site for air fares (Need to register here first)
, Start From, Going To
   Departure Date (MM/DD/YY) and Time
   Return Date (MM/DD/YY) and Time
FCC Radio Station Database Look up AM/FM radio station information by Call Sign
FM Stations
AM Stations
Federal Express Track a package (Enter the Airbill number, including dashes)

Federal Lobbyist Database Search for lobbyists by company, client or lobbyist name (last, first)

Film Frenzy Local search for movies (Enter your zipcode)
Movie Showtimes
Theatre Search Movie Reviews and Information

Foreclosure Report Database of national foreclosure listings (Enter City and State)
, City, State
FreeShop Search hundreds of free merchandise offers and samples (Choose category)

FreeTrip Trip planner (Enter City, State for Origination and Destination)
Destination Search database of trivia and fun facts

Government Official Search Find federal, state, and local officials by name or title
, City, State
Health AtoZ Search Engine for Health and Medicine

Hollywood Online Search a variety of movie and entertainment resources.
in Zip Code: Showtimes
HomeAdvisor Microsoft's guide to the homebuying process

Host DNS Lookup Find IP address of a host from its name or its name from the IP address.

Hoover's MasterList Plus Database Search for information on over 9,300 companies
By Ticker Symbol
By Company Name
How far is it? Determine the distance between places (Mostly U.S. only, enter From and To)

How Stuff Works Ever wonder how something works? Search for answers here.

Image Search Image archives at (Enter search description)

iDRINK Database of over 5,000 drink recipes -- alcoholic and non-alcoholic


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