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Internet Search Engines (Page 5)

NewHoo [See Open Directory Project below]

Noah - The Animal Search Engine Find other sites about animals (Search by Keyword or Page Title)
Page Title
Northern Light Search Search the WWW and NL's own Special Collection of databases

OneKey Smart Search Family-oriented resource library and database of reviewed web sites
Open Directory Project Directory of web sites produced by volunteer editors.

Open Text Index [Superceded by Livelink Pinstripe] User submission-based Web search

Personal Seek Searches for people's personal homepages (Enter city, state, province, country, keyword, etc.)

PlanetK-12 Search engine of sites for educators

PlanetSearch Multifaceted search site by Philips Electronics

Point Top 5% Index Search reviews of the Top 5% web sites

PowerCrawler Directory (enter keywords)

ProFusion Meta search of the Web (choose the quantity of engines to search)

RBSE's URL Database Search WWW document full text

RealNames Look up your destination site with its Real Name rather than a URL.

REX - The Internet Resource Exchange

SavvySearch Simultaneous search of numerous Internet engines

Scrub the Web

Search! Personal Pages! Database of personal home pages

SearchHound Multi-search for Web, Software, Stocks, People and News.

Searching 4U NetSearch

SearchKing New search engine, allowing searchers to vote on relevant sites


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