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Internet Search Engines (Page 1) Search for the top web sites on the Internet (Enter keywords) Metasearch of 11 popular search engines

411 Locate Locate a Web site or email address by a phone number (enter area code and phone number)

A2Z Categorized directory of the most popular Internet resources by Lycos

Ahoy! Searches for people's personal homepages (Enter last name, first name, institution, and country)

Aliweb Archie-like indexing for the Web
All4one A metasearch of the 4 popular engines

Alta Vista Web Search Digital's new search engine (Choose query type: Simple or Advanced)

AOL NetFind America Online's Web Search Engine (Enter multiple keywords)

AOL NetFind Kids Only Kid-safe version of NetFind search engine

Argus Clearinghouse A collection of topical guides about Internet information and resources

Ask Jeeves Ask your question in plain English...

Ask Jeeves for Kids The plain english search engine, now in a kids version.

Awesome Library Thousands of reviewed websites for parents, teachers, and students.

byteSearch Fast metasearch engine covering 9 major engines

CityScape Global On-line Directory

Companies Online Search for info on over 100,000 public & private companies (Enter company name)

Cyber 411 Search 15 of the top search engines

Debriefing Metasearch of 7 most popular web search engines (also available in French)

devSEARCH The search engine for webmakers

DIG - Disney's Internet Guide Kids and Family-oriented Directory

DogPile Metasearch of 13 WWW Search engines, 6 Usenet sources, and 2 FTP archives

eBlast Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide

Ecola's Tech Directory Search for Web sites of technology corporations

Education World Collection of over 100,000 sites for educators

EdView SmartZone Search collection of teacher-reviewed kid-safe sites (Choose education level)

Electric Monk A natural langauge front-end to Lycos (Enter your search in plain English)

EuroSeek A European multinational and multilingual search engine.

Excite NetSearch Database of over 1 million Web pages


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