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We have premier investigative tools that enable our company to instantly access over 4 billion publicly available records right from our computers.

One system we use allows our clients the unique ability to search and cross reference information from many different sources and is specifically designed for professional investigators and is successfully used by over 1000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

We can locate Property Ownership, and Conduct Asset Searches in a cost effective way by utilizing an information access solution (we have designed) to help manage the decisions associated with Skip-Tracing, the cost effectiveness of such and quality/results of  the skip-tracing efforts.  This allows us to do more because it is cost effective.

By utilizing a unique combination of computerized dynamic information gathering technology , innovative data management tools, the Credit Bureau Records we have access to, and our custom made Relational Database, "System 72" Accounts Management System, not one stone is left unturned.

Some Cost May Vary and are subject to change.
 Not all of the services listed below are incorporated in our Standard Debt Collection Services.

· Liens and Judgements
· Bankruptcies
· Corporate Records
· Criminal and Civil Court Records
· Real Property Records
· Moving Violations Reports
· Vehicle Title History
· Workers' Compensation Claims
· Proprietary Records searches
· Address Verification
· Employment Verification
· Education Verification
· Drivers in Household
· Business Credit Reports
· Business Location
· SSN Search and Verification
· V.I.N. History
· Intergrated Database Services searches:
· Property Insurance Loss Register (PILR)
· The Index System (INDEX)
· Credit Bureau Searches
· Names and Addresses
· Vehicle Registrations
· Business Reports
· Drivers License Information
· Corporate and Business Information
· Booking and Arrest Information
· MVR's
· Criminal Records
· Trademarks
· Documented Vessels
· Bankruptcies
· Address Profiles
· Phone Numbers
· Liens & Judgements
· UCC Filings
· FAA Pilots and Aircraft
· Property Ownership
· Professional Licenses
· Public records searches

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