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The Professionals Agency offers pre-collection programs to improve your cash flow and productivity.

Our Pre Collection Service is a letter service at $ 5.00 per account assigned.

The Pre-Collection Program is effective because accounts are actively having payments solicited that are late but not yet hard-core delinquent.

This method can be successful, and a cost effective way to start off.

After the letter service has elapsed, you may have us collect under our standard collection rates.

You my elect to go straight to the Standard Collection Services and not to try the Pre-Collection Program.


The number one rule when it comes to customer service at The Professionals Agency is "without customers we would not have a job".  

At The Professional’s, this means that regardless of the type or size of the debt, we will service each customer in a professional manner.

We realize that these delinquent customers were previously in a favorable credit status with our clients. In considering those factors, our Financial Counselors are trained to probe and listen before exercising any form of financial counseling or collection efforts.

The Professional’s mission statement is to "Nurture the Economies Yield" and this can only be done by adopting a company philosophy that all delinquent customers can be rehabilitated.

With sincerity and patience The Professional’s management team has proven that professional customer service provides the end results of collected dollars.


Consumer Placement Form
Commercial Placement Form
Example Consumer Contract
Texas Disputed Account Procedures
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Our legal department will prepare and forward accounts, upon request, to an attorney if a suit is to be filed on a bad debt account.

This department will contact your office and draw up and/or forward the paperwork to be signed, granting permission to sue.

Our company will search through the assets of the person involved and review the laws pertaining to garnishment and other means available for collecting the debt in the state in which the suit is being filed.

Prior to having an attorney file, we will give the debtor an opportunity to make arrangements for paying on the account.
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