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Index Of Important Links        
Attorney Generals Offices   If you are being harassed by a Creditor, Debt collector, or an Attorney collecting a consumer debt and need help, you may want to contact your State Attorney General's Office for help. You can even print a Complaint Form.
Federal Trade Commission  If you are being harassed by a Collection Agency or an Attorney collecting a 3rd party consumer debt or you are having trouble with an inaccurate listing on your Credit Bureau Report, you may want to get help from the Federal Trade Commission.  You can even file an Electronic Complaint "On Line."
Better Business Bureau  The BBB is another place you can try to get help from if you dispute a bill of have a problem with a Creditor.   You can even file an Electronic Complaint "On Line."
Stop The Calls and Letters & Disputing Bills Examples of letters used to stop a debt collector fro calling or writing anymore and information on the dispute process (Texas State Example Used)
Consumer Help Links & Info.  We have thousands of telephone numbers for people, places, and organizations that can help consumers. They are all free for the asking.  
Research Collection Laws   You may want to research some of the Federal, State and Local Laws that relate to Debt Collection Practices. You can read about the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Research Legal Topics, Research Court Case Examples, Search Impressive Law Libraries, Legal Material By Topic Can Be Gathered, You Can Use The Legal Dictionary, Check Out Criminal Laws That May Relate To Your Situation And A Lot More.
Can You Repair Your Own Credit  If you are having credit problems and you would like to learn more about how to correct and repair your Credit Report, you can start by visiting our web site at the following address:

Consumer Advocates   Want to learn from the experts about the credit and collection industry?
Locate Collection Agency's Info.  If you want to know the address, phone number, fax number, email address, owners names, managers names and more about a particular Debt Collection Agency or Attorney.
Senate Banking Committee

The most important place of all you can get help from is your Federal, State and Local Representatives.
House Committee On Banking

These are the people that make the laws that decide how to govern debt collection practices.
State Representatives 

 They can't do anything about illegal debt collection practices if they don't know about them.

Consumer Action Alerts  If you want the scoop on what's happening in the credit and collection industry and what may effect you and your loved ones future.
Find Out About Attorneys  If You want To know if an Attorney has complaints on file with the State or if an attorney does you wrong you can get help from the Attorney Bar
Skiptracing Web Sites & Tools  We have put together a list of Skiptracing Web Sites and Skiptracing Tools so you can find out more about a bill collector that's victimizing you and your loved ones.
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Action Alerts  "United We Stand"
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