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I have added some search engines to ease legal searches online.
Both are excellent, and frequently updated. Feel free to try them.


LawCrawler Powered by AltaVista (tm). AltaVista Search used under license

Search with Boolean operators AND, OR or NEAR, and NOT:


Order Results with General Legal Focus:

U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

FindLaw's searchable database of the Supreme Court decisions since 1893 (U.S. Supreme Court Decisions: US Reports 150-, 1893-). Browsable by year and US Reports volume number and searchable by citation, case title and full text.


Citation Search

Title Search

Full-Text Search

There are also FINDLAW search engines for US STATES ; OTHER COUNTRIES .


I have added a simple search engine connected to Stanford University. Please leave me a comment if you find it useful. After using the search engine, use your BACK button (or GO on recent versions of Netscape) to return to this site.


If you would like to have summaries of Supreme Court decisions show up automatically in your e-mail box (usually the day that they are decided) simply send a message to the Legal Information Institute listserv at: . In the message body place the following on the top left of the first line:
subscribe liibulletin [followed by the subscriber's name -- all on one line]

You will receive the Court's syllabus or summary of cases mailed from the listserv usually the very day they are decided. You can then send an email message to obtain the full text of any opinions that you find of interest.

To add a new member, or to have this NewsLetter sent to your home or second office, forward this email to the new email box and they can simply write "Add" and send it to (we book the requesters email address so it must come from the address making the add or delete request) Email Subject: Write "Add"



The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law library can be researched by going to the following web site:

Southern Methodist University Underwood Law Library has a lot of related information here:
Welcome to the SMU School of Law Web
You can search The Cornell Law Library by legal topics here:
Legal Material by Topic - Overview.
If you want to research court case examples or get into it this even deeper, you may search these impressive Law libraries at:
Texas Legal Libraries.
Legal material by topic can be researched here:
The ABA's LawLink (TM) Legal Research and Free Legal consulting.
This is a good place to learn more about the law. Go here:
The Consumer Law Page - Resources
You can use this Legal Dictionary to look up the meaning of those big legal words at:
The Web's Legal Dictionary.
You may go to the following site to check out criminal laws that may relate to you situation here:
Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes.

The Federal Law Protecting Consumers (FDCPA) Debt Collections
The Federal "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act"
The Texas State Law Protecting Consumers (TCPA) Debt Collections
For a copy of the State "Texas Collection Practices Act" ( TCPA)
Another good place to learn more about the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act is here:
TEXAS - Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes

U.S. Federal Courts Finder
Law - The Seamless Website - Lawyers, Legal Associations, and Legal Resources
LII: Law about...Consumer Credit
Consumer Law
Lawyers Weekly
Privacy and Civil Liberties

Medical Records Privacy Resources
How to Make a Privacy Act Request
Victims of Credit Reporting-Index

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FTC SITE)
Ethics Commission's Web Site

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