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Credit Bureau Reporting Agencies

If your disputing a listing by a Credit Bureau Reporting Agency, you may contact
the Credit Bureau directly or The Federal Trade Commission to correct the problem.

If you are having credit problems and you would like to learn more about how you can correct and/or repair your credit report, you can start by visiting the Three Major Credit Bureau's Web Sites listed below, order a copy of your report and have located the inaccuracies or mistakes you can contact the Federal Trade Commission on our web site below to get help.

   You can get to Experian Credit Bureau (TRW CCN) by going here:
 Experian (TRW, CCN) Credit Bureau.
Order a credit bureau on line here

        You can get to Equifax Credit Bureau web site by going here:
Equifax Credit Bureau.

Order a Credit Bureau on line here

You can get to Trans Union Credit Bureau by here:
Trans Union Credit Bureau
Order a Credit Bureau on line here


Get An Online Credit Report Right Now (In 30 seconds) 

Dunn & Bradstreet Business-to-Business Credit Reporting

A credit score is a snapshot of your credit risk picture at a particular point in time. A number of lenders use it to help them decide if they should give a person a loan or credit card.

What To Do If You Have Negative Information In Your Credit Report

If you have been denied credit because of negative information in your credit report, you may ask which agency provided your credit history and then obtain a copy of your report from that agency at no charge within 60 days.   In addition, you are entitled to one free report if :
(1) you are unemployed and plan to seek employment within 60 days;
(2) you are on welfare, or
(3) your report is inaccurate due to fraud.   Each credit agency uses a different report format. When you request a copy of your report, the agency should include a legend to help you read it.

What can you do if there is negative information in your report?
If you find negative information in your credit report that is correct, you can:
(1) Pay any balances so that creditors can update your file.
(2) Wait the required length of time for negative information to be taken off. Credit agencies must automatically delete negative information which is more than seven years old, with the exception that bankruptcies may remain for ten years.
(3) Write a brief statement to be included in future reports. While the law limits this information to disputes, most credit agencies will include explanations, such as unemployment.

Accurate information cannot be removed from your credit report. If you have any questions with regard to this "fixing your credit report," you can contact the Federal Trade Commission. The web site address is

What can you do if there is incorrect information?

  • If you find there is incorrect information in your credit report, you can:

  • Request, in writing, an investigation which will be made within 30 days.

  • Contact the creditor, in writing, and if you are not able to resolve the dispute, the creditor must report it to the credit reporting agency.

If any deletion or notation is made regarding the information, you may request that the new information be sent to any employer who has received a credit report during the past two years and, in addition, anyone else who has requested credit information in the previous six months.

Here's the Federal Law that governs Credit Bureau Reporting and your rights:

Fair Credit Reporting Act

After you have your Credit Bureau Reports and you are ready to get help correcting it
you can use our Federal Trade Commission Web Site to get help click here:


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