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Attorney General Offices

If you are being harassed by a Creditor, Debt Collector,
or an Attorney collecting a consumer debt, you may want
to contact the Attorney Generals Office in your area for help.


The following information is an example
of how the Attorney General Can Help.

If you are in Texas and being harassed by a Creditor, Debt Collector, or an Attorney collecting on an alleged consumer debt, you may need to know more about your rights.  To learn more about your rights in Texas and/or seek assistance from the Attorney General you may go here:

Texas Attorney General Office

If you have told a Creditor or Debt Collector to stop harassing you and they continue to violate your rights, you may want to file a complaint against them.

To learn how to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office go to the following web site.  When you get there, click on the title bar that says: Consumer Protection "Get Satisfaction."

Attorney General Consumer Protection Laws.

You can print an "Attorney General Of Texas Complaint Form" and instructions on how to file a complaint with the State of Texas Office of the Attorney General's Office from here:

Attorney General Complaint Form.

How The State Of Texas Requires Disputed Bills To Be Investigated

State Of Texas Debt Collection Law

You Can Find The Attorney General Office Nearest You Here.
Locate an Attorney General Internet Web Site By State.

You May Want To Contact This Texas State Office Also
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner


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