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NOBILLSMAN    Consumer Advocates

ConsumerAffairs.Com is an independent organization working on behalf of consumers worldwide. It is not affiliated with any government agency and is provided at no cost to consumers.

File A Complaint By Clicking Here.

BE ADVISED:   I feel it would be wise to avoid Consumer Advocates that tell you to contact The American Collectors Association (ACA is an Association of Debt Collectors, Attorneys, and Collection Agencies) about Illegal Debt Collection Violations. 

I Would Not Contact Them PRIOR To Filing A Complaint With The Federal Trade Commission, and/or The Attorney General Office for Illegal Debt Collection Practices.  

I do not trust Consumer Advocates who direct consumers to an Association of Debt Collectors like the American Collectors Association to Complain about Illegal Debt Collection Practices because it may put a Consumers Right to Recover on the line when doing so.  Having the State and Federal Agencies involved could increase the chance of an abused consumer having justice and help make sure that the Consumer Advocate is preforming in the consumers best interest.  

Think about it.  Much is to be gained by saving a debt collector's company millions of dollars in fines for violations of consumers rights.   Have a look at these fines.   SEE WHAT I MEAN!

What is The ACA doing that You Should Be Concerned About?

Want to play it safe?

If it were me, I would stick to using the Federal Trade Commission and The Attorney General for Illegal Debt Collection Practice Complaints.

Senator Phil Gramm (Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee) is a good place to contact also.  They vote on the laws that effect debt collection practices. Senator Gramm and the other members who vote on the laws that protect consumers rights need to know what is going on.  

You may want to contact the media (TV-Radio) and get a Public Defender or Investigative Reporter on TV to tell your story and help bring attention to these abuses.  The creditors that use these types of Debt Collectors won't like the bad media and the Creditor may stop doing business with them.  If they have no business they can't be in business doing that crap.

Links To Consumer Advocates & Other Interesting Sites
I Do Not Agree With All Of These Web Sites
But I Do Feel Freedom Of Speach Is Very Important

National Consumer Law Center, Inc
America's Foremost Advocate for Low-Income Consumer Justice and Its Leading Expert on Low-Income Consumer Issues

Consumerama - People with a Beef & a Website!
Once people picketed businesses they they set up websites. Consumerama list companies that are targets of "online picketing" and links to websites of people who have a gripe or dispute with them. Also: links to FTC, attorney general, etc. investigations of these companies. Fun, informative, sometimes bizarre!

The Consumer Law Page
“A gold mine.” One Key Search. “Excellent.” Yahoo Unplugged,Web Magazine and America On Line. Top 5%. Practical legal information with articles on selecting a lawyer, handling accident and insurance claims, defective products, investment fraud, cancer/birth defects caused by chemical exposure at work and pollution. Free consultation and referral.

webBbox - The web Bad, Better and Best Businesses Board
webBbox - The web Bad, Better & Best Businesses Bulletin Board is a free, open forum for consumers to post their good and bad experiences with on-line and off-line businesses.

Fight Back
A collection of customer experiences at the nations electronics retailers, including quite a few horror stories. Simply read them, or add your own experience. Also has a section where associates at these stores can tell stories about the customers.

Your guide to health fraud, quackery, and intellegent decisions from Stephen Barrett, M.D., a retired psychiatrist; nationally renowned author, editor, and consumer advocate;and expert in medical communications.

BayHouse WWW
Real Estate, Mortgage, Credit Dispute and FICO Credit Scoring information NOT normally available to the general public. Post your comments and questions at the BayHouse Forums!

Streetfighters Consumer Survival Guide
The Very Best Consumer Strategies To Protect You and Your Family. A straightforward roadmap for those seeking the tools to take on the predators that lurk at every turn. Arm yourself with the knowledge, wherewithal and strategies to fight back and prevail.

Florida Watch
Sunshine State Consumer Guide. Useful site for both residents and visitors.

Fragranced Products Information Network
Perfumes and fragrances are triggers for asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies, migraine headaches, and chemical sensitivities. When you consider these populations combined, the impact on health and the economy are significant. Fragranced products do not have to be safety tested before marketing and there is little monitering by regulatory agencies.

Stop Bad Therapy: Require Informed Consent for Therapy
To reform the mental health industry by requiring informed consent. Hypnosis, recovered memories, False Memory Syndrome, and how to report or sue a therapist.

Consumer Resource Center
Your rights as a consumer: How you can protect yourself from scams and deceptive trade practices, and get justice if you've been ripped off. Consumer information from Partnership for Civil Justice, a public interest law firm in Washington, D.C.

The Scambuster
The Scambuster investigates frauds, corruption, ripoffs, unfair and deceptive practices, etc. and reports its findings here. Visitors are invited to submit complaints for review and possible investigation.

Consumer Aid Education Center
Information on debt collection, credit report errors, credit scoring, contracts, dispute resolution, Bally Total Fitness membership problems, useful contact info and more!

A skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and current practices from Stephen Barrett, M.D., a retired psychiatrist; nationally renowned author, editor, and consumer advocate; and expert in medical communications.

Cost of dental care in 300 US cities
cost of dental care in 300 us cities, dental insurance update, dental risks, orthodontic FAQ's for parents, patients, dental professionals.

Is Your Church A Marketplace?
Read what happens when church members sign on with mlm or network marketing companies and then target their own congregations with predatory recruitment and sales tactics -- all wrapped in the mantle of God's blessing.

Victims of Credit Reporting
Privacy Rights group for Victims of Credit Bureaus and Credit Scoring.

Cala Creek Consumer Alert
The site for consumer information--money, credit, shopping, free, reading, bankruptcy, religion, news, Christianity, health, product recalls, and more.

Macy's Is an Alleged Criminal Organization
Beware of doing any business with Macy's department store (a division of Federated Department Stores). The following is one account explaining Macy's mentality towards their customers, and how they allegedly commit criminal activities against them, namely theft and fraud. You will also find

Law for the Layman
Summaries of legal principles assisting non-lawyers to understand the law: Constitutional law, contracts, torts and litigation, employment, dissolution and growing.

How's Your Telephone Service?
This is a collection of complaints from GTE customers all over the country; the complaints range from GTE internet, Long Distance, Local Telephone, etc.

Penny Pinchin' Weddings
Weddings, frugal weddings and wedding savings tips! Plan an inexpensive wedding. Try our money saving wedding ideas and save...whether you plan on having a large wedding or a small wedding or any size in between!

Child Support Central
Advocacy group for child support, try to help others in collecting owed child support, support group for those owed childsupport, deadbeats pages for our visitors, links to other helpful pages for collecting child support, newsletter, stories, awards given to pages

Funeral Help Program
A consumer's guide to funeral arrangement, with all the scams and sales ploys covered. Are YOU 'Deathsmart'? Come inside and save $$$.

First Union Awareness Page
The First Union Awareness Page brings to light some of the unfriendly customer service practices currently at First Union Bank.

The No BS Personal Finance Advisor
Want to become a self-reliant investor? This is the site to get it done! Everything is free - all the time. Mailng list available - all kinds of TRUTH about personal finance!!

MLM Watch
A skeptical guide to multi-level marketing by Stephen Barrett, M.D. of Quackwatch and Chirobase.

Defective Hardboard Siding Information Center
If you're experiencing warping, fading, or general failure of your hardboard siding,this site is your source for info on identifying the manufacturer, filing a claim, keeping abreast of any class action lawsuits, etc., whether you own a house, apt., condo, or mobile home.

Prudential Insurance Litigation/Demutualization Help Pa
Web pages to help those involved with litigation or demutualization issues with the Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Air Conditioning For Home Owners
An interactive guide to air conditioning and the home owner. Offering basic trouble shooting, basic repairs. - The Internet Computer Liars
This site is devoted to organizing all complaints and documentation related to the BUY.COM Hitachi Monitor Scandal into one easy to navigate site. We plan on providing links to any site that covers the story as well as provide copies of documentation and emails related to the issue. This site will remain up until all 1600 customers of BUY.COM receive their monitors.

IRA Motor Group Consumer Alert
We recomend you do not buy a car from IRA Motor Group. We believe they have deceptive practices and do not honor their own agreements.

Best Buys
I am trying to let people know about the worst comapny in the US!!!

Consumer Advocacy at
C.A.A.R. ringmaster, Dale Hartley, is's Contributing Editor on Consumer Advocacy. Articles, contests, chat, and more.

Anti Credit Scoring Ring
Unfair and unjust credit scoring practices and other abuses in the lending and credit reporting industries.

The Truth about eBay: fraud, shills, defamation, etc.
In late September 1998, the internet auction site known simply as "eBay" went public. It immediately jumped to $50 a share. It's traded as high as $300 per share and is currently capitalized at $265 per share, or about $10BILLION. (2/3/98) To put that into perspective, Ford just bought Volvo for $6.5Billion. Now learn about the shilling, scams, fraud, deceit,

The Frugal Face
Fun and creative makeup tips to help you look great and spend less.

Funeral Help Page
Consumer guide to avoiding the sales ploys and outright scams of the funeral industry. By the author of The Affordable Funeral: Going in Style, Not in Debt. Free download, arrangement software.

Consumer ACTION & ADVICE Ring
Membership page for this webring. Join...edit your site statistics...check the ring's ranking on the

The House of Good Taste
Blind taste test results for consumer food products. Yogurt, pretzels, chips, and more.

Internet Consumer Assistance Bureau
The Internet Consumer Assistance Bureau at is the web shoppers voice on the Net. Get information about a merchant before you buy or tell the rest of the web if you have a problem.

Cyber Vigilante
Find out why you're in bad hands with Allstate. Comprehensive site dedicated to exposing abuse and corruption in the insurance industry -- Allstate in particular.

Boycott is attempting to couple their automated, low prices with poor customer service; visit here and you'll understand why thousands of users are opting to spend a few extra bucks with other companies.

ASHI Home Inspection Free Information Website
ASHI home inspections & free, in-depth information & reports about defect recognition, analysis, repair advice, & environmental issues for home buyers, owners, and ASHI home inspectors

Traveling Magazine Crews
Helping individuals who have sold, or may be considering selling, magazines for traveling crews. It is meant to share stories (good or bad) and aid those who feel they were abused by the companies who hired them.

Blood Recall/Withdrawal - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJ
Created to address concerns of people who have received notices that the blood products that they, or their children, received, were reecalled or withdrawn from the market because a donor was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease (CJD, or was at risk for the disease. Blood Recall/Withdrawal message board.

The Money Master
Advice for anyone wanting to get onn a budget, manage their money, set & meet goals, and practice sensible financial management.

Electronic Credit Repair Kit
All about managing credit, correcting inaccurate credit files, protecting your consumer rights regarding credit. A wealth of useful information, tips, and links.

Chevy Chase Class Action Lawsuit
Class Action Lawsuit filed by TLPJ on 2/8/99!!! Are you one of the tens of thousands of customers who were victimized by Chevy Chase Bank?

Problems with 2Xtreme Performance International
Problems relating to MLM company, 2Xtreme Performance International, from a distributor's perspective.

The Frugal Shopper
Frugal living online newsletter, with plenty of advice, tips, resources, and links.

The Scambuster
Scams, frauds and ripoffs exposed. Informative consumer articles and consumer news tips.

Don't Rent from U-Haul!
U-Haul left us stranded...this site disovered their business practices and lack of customer care.

Bargain Book Ring
Online bookstore offering close-out prices and deep, deep discount prices on all kinds of books.

Rooms To Go Hate Page
The official Rooms to Go protest page

Wise Planning
Financial counseling, needs-based debt reduction, and sound money management strategies.

Lemon Cars: A Consumerama Special Report
What are your rights when you get stuck with a lemon car? Read this informative article. Includes links

Bernard Haldane Watch
Beware Bernard Haldane Associates. Consumer alerts, news articles, customer experiences, links & more.

Long Term Care Insurance Buyer's Advocate
Retirement is about "survival of the wisest"...Get answers to your long term care questions and discover ways to avoid the social security/medicare trap.

Cooking Information Center
Cooking information and reference site for cooks from beginner to advanced. All that's required is a love of cooking!

Allsnake - The Good Hands People?
Accounts of dirty tricks, denied claims, and non-payment in the insurance industry, especially Allstate.

National Center for Financial Education
Non-profit education organization helping people do a better job of spending, saving, investing, insuring, and planning for their financial future so as not to be entirely dependent upon Social Security or Medicare.

The Center for Debt Management
Since 1992 we've provided counseling and debt management services to tens of thousands of individuals. Advice on getting out of debt, money management, and living debt-free.

Katich, Werse & Petillo Attorneys
Vigorous advocates of consumer rights

Advice For Dealing With Bally Total Fitness
Information and advice for solving problems with Bally Total Fitness health club memberships: Cancellation problems, credit report errors, billing problems, unwarranted debt collection attempts, etc.

Auto Dealer Complaint Registry
Free site. Users can post/search complaints about auto dealerships and how they were deceived and/or cheated.

Dental Q&A at A Smile Is 4 Ever
From crowns to implants to children's dental questions, even a page where you can ask the doc and get an answer to help you make that dental decision. Photo Gallery with befores and afters, music, games and chat and more!

DeMutualization.Org - Promoting Fairness between Mutual M
Mutual life insurance companies are reorganizing. Many are demutualizing and becoming stock companies. If you are a participating policyholder you need to become aware of your company's plans. The financial implications can be significant.

Tucker's Mailbag
We put our little dog's name on a mailing list, and now he gets tons of junk mail every month. Read some!

The Truth about AOL
The Truth About AOL is a site dedicated to providing the Internet consumer with up to date information regarding America Online's unlawful and unethical business practices. This site was designed from an ex-AOL employee and includes many behind the scenes looks at information the general public does not have access to.

Ryland Homeowners Take Note!
This page was created to inform and help ryland homeowners in my area to solve common problems, such as defective siding products, defective windows, our bankrupt Home Owners Warranty , and LP OSB Sheathing. It has become a soundingboard for ryland homeowners in other cities and states. Everyone is welcomed to share experiences and resolutions to common problems.

Frugal Files: Saving Time and Money on Your Expenses
We specialize in helping families and businesses save money and time. Our extensive library of free information is housed in sections called Frugal Files, Consumer Resources, Ask Probe and Free Household Money Saving Tips. We also moderate the Saving Times discussion list.

Credit Scoring Isn't Just For Credit Anymore
Credit scoring is now being used for more than just car loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Credit scoring is used by insurance companies, debt collectors, employers, utility companies and others who do not offer extensions of credit.

What's Wrong With Credit Scoring?
Credit Scoring is based on illogical and unfair principles. Your credit score can be lowered because of corporate negligence, paranoid speculation, and credit bureau ignorance!

Medical Billing Business Opportunity
FREE internet based group devoted to providing education and legal information to consumers thinking of purchasing a medical billing business opportunity.

Candles and Indoor Air Quality
This site provides important info. for consumers regarding the effects of burning candles on the indoor air quality in their homes. Some candles are responsible for extensive & costly property damage to homes & their contents from soot deposition. A few makes of candles even emit particulate LEAD from lead wire in the wicks - these emissions will contaminate a home with LEAD DUST!

Bankruptcy Alternatives by Attorney Mory Brenner
Many attorneys automatically put their debtor clients into bankruptcy without exploring alternatives. Here you will find information about workouts, bankruptcy and other options. Includes a section on "Who To Pay When You Can't Pay Everyone."

Mobile/Manufactured Home (Owners) Network
The Mobile/Manufactured Home (Owners) Network is the premier on-line informational forum and nationwide one-stop-source for the manufactured home owners.

No Cards Shoppers
Shopping cards are a scam. We are the No-Cards Shoppers, consumers dedicated to opposing shopping cards that invade privacy, cause longer lines in check-out, and ultimately RAISE PRICES!

Cooking Information Center
Extensive and informative cooking site catering to cooks of all levels. Also, a great way to share recipes with REG (Recipe Exchange Group.)

I Hate
This site provides an account of my own protracted wranglings with the infernal online company I have also posted other stories that have been e-mailed to me about bad experiences with For your own sake, visit my site before buying from this company!

Albia Ice Webzene Page
All about home repair and purchasing for beginners to advanced. Articles include photos, and descriptive text that really show you how to do it yourself. Also, a chance to vote for your favorite brand of power tool.

News and information about fraud schemes on the Internet.

Stop CRA!
The purpose of this web site is to expose the three major CRA's (credit reporting agencies). They invade your privacy & destroy peoples' reputations. Corporate information providers or corporate thugs? You decide!

Beware of Bank One!
This site provides information on the injustices of Bank One allegedly afflicts its customers with. The site also provides consumer information links.

Amway: The Continuing Story
Is Amway a cult? Some pretty strong evidence that the AMO's use both cult mind-control tactics and deception to further their own end. Also: a definitive list of terms used by distributors.

Colorado Prime Food Warning
Consumer warning and Buyer Beware about Colorado Prime Food service that offers to serve your food shopping needs with its frozen foods, dry goods and home products

Internet Consumer Assistance Bureau
The Internet Consumer Assistance Bureau at is the web shoppers voice on the Net. Get information about a merchant before you buy or tell the rest of the web if you have a problem.

National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
NASUCA is a national organization of 42 offices of utility ratepayer advocates in 39 states and the District of Columbia. These advocates represent millions of American consumers served by investor-owned gas, telephone, electric, and water companies. E-Mail:

The Credit Bureau Reports Are Doing More Than You Know About

Gathering Information About The Credit Bureaus For A New Web Site To Expose Their Real Intent _
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