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Doing Away With Your Rights, Right Before Your Eyes

Beware of the American Collectors Association; an association of approximately 3,700 organizations, over 65,000 individual members, who is having many of it's associates and members bombard politicians with letters, faxes, email, and money in support of it's efforts to amend and change laws that currently protect consumers from Illegal Debt Collection Practices.

A major efforts of ACA is, their, "ACPAC" (American Collectors Political Action Committee).   The American Collectors Association is using this Political Action Committee to try and get Bills passed that, I feel, will hurt Consumers.   I strongly disagree with these efforts by The American Collectors Association.

ACA's Political Action Committee (PAC) called "ACPACT," which is Pro-Debt Collector, has raised allot of money and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians over the years in hopes it would help their efforts to get their proposed amendments to the current laws that protect consumers from illegal debt collection practices passed. We all can see the FEC (Federal Election Committee) reports, the big dollar donations that were made to politicians to pass laws that take away our rights and the protection we are afforded now.

If ACA can get away with helping to amend the laws that currently protect consumer rights, it will do away with important consumer rights that were established to protect citizens from illegal debt collection practices.

American Collectors Association was quoted as saying, they feel the current law that protects consumers should be amended because of many frivolous suits for technical violations.   I do not agree with ACA.

Why should ACA worry anyway?  They have a Membership Attorney Program (MAP), with hundreds of attorneys available that will defend members. Best Justice Money Can Buy. What is done now will effect and decide what kind of future our children will have.

Too many things are hidden from the people. Something has to done about it!  We cannot allow any law that protects a consumers rights to be amended in a way that would take away these rights of protection which has been established with standards and measurements in place to protect consumers from illegal debt collection practices.  We cannot allow the penalties, fines, and/or consequences to be reduced for violations of the law (our rights).  Exempting certain types of debts, reducing the penalties for violations of the debt collection laws, or taking away from the current law is all wrong.

It's all about money and power (one and the same to many).  The Banks, The Credit & Collection Industry, and The Credit Bureau want to control everything.

Just look at these resent attempts at changing the current law that protects us.  These kind of bills proposed in the Senate and the House (H.R.837 and H.R.1059 and S.1405(sec207), if passed, would Abolish a consumers right to a 30 day "Grace Period", also known as the "Debt Validation Period," Exempt Student Loans, Exempt Consumer Government Debts, Exempt Checks, and Exempt Home Loans in non judicial default, from the Federal Law that currently protects consumers from illegal debt collection practices.

If we allow bills like Senate Bill 1405 section 207.  House Bill 837, and/or House Bill 1059 (same as H.R.1059) to pass, we can forget about many of our rights, privacy, fairness or relief as we know it. Click on the titles below and See For Yourself The Best Congress Money Can Buy  or the  Thomas Web Site Of Politics.

These House Bills, H.R.1059, and H.R. 837 were introduced by Republican House Rep. Spencer Bachus, of Alabama, (who has taken many contributions from ACA's ACPAC over the years) and he has proposed amending the law that protects consumers from illegal debt collection practices two times.

If you would like to let the lawmakers know that you are against amending the law that protects consumers against illegal debt collection practices, double click with your mouse on the contact button below and email the lawmakers.

The new guidelines proposed mandate that "unless the debtor disputes the debt", the debt collector may proceed.  The consumer, their family, friends, and coworkers could be harassed until the consumer proves they are innocent and/or (disputing the bill).

Even if a consumer is innocent, the consumer would have to take the time, energy, and expense to prove they are not guilty, (Innocent through a dispute process) and if they are innocent, they still get the shaft because they do not get paid for being hassle, and the time, energy, and expense they had to put out.

Some Lawmakers do not think the law that protects consumers from the bill collectors who use high pressure tactics, harassment, abuse, false or misleading representations , invasions of privacy, illegal access to private, privileged and confidential information and the use of unfair practices, threats and other illegal deceptive debt collection practices is important.

A very important consideration is that they may be able to list the account on the Credit Bureau on day one in default and the consumer can have a heck of a time clearing that off their Credit Bureau Report, even if it is paid. The listing, in many cases can be listed as a paid collection account for up to seven years.

Currently a Debt Collector can get in hot water for listing a consumers account in a derogatory way on the Credit Bureau within the first 30 days of placement of an alleged debt with its company because of two laws called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, " FDCPA" was established to stop the high increases of bankruptcy, divorce and the horrible abuses that many illegal debt collectors cause. American Collectors Association's "ACPAC" Look at how much money exchanged hands in this effort to amend the law that protects use from debt collector abuses. Click Here and use your back button to return

The Senate Banking Committee votes on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Proposed Amendments, and is a very powerful Committee.

Senator Phil Gramm is the new Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee replacing Senator D'Amato (from NY).   He is the main Politician to contact and tell how you feel about illegal debt collection practices

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